• Conference Cape Town - 2024

    The ultimate international lifestyle- and watersport conference (CME-points)

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    November 22nd - November 30th, 2024



    Cape Town , South-Africa


    Target audience:

    International medical specialists and general practitioners who like sharing their expertise and network with local and international doctors to improve global healthcare. In addition, this trip is best suited for doctors with a passion for kitesurfing or other water sports and for doctors who want to get in touch with this exhilirating sport. Kitesurf level: from beginner to 'pro'.



    We have chosen Cape Town for 2 reasons:


    1. We want to commit ourselves to health promotion and disease prevention with a dynamic, international group of dedicated doctors. Our mission is to inspire local health professionals by sharing knowledge and harnessing the transformative power of nature. Through workshops, educational programs and community activities, we aim to promote not only the well-being of their patients, but also their own job satisfaction and personal health. Through our contacts in Cape Town and with the WHO, we have the opportunity to shape this at this unique location.


    2. Cape Town is known during the 'wind months' (our winter) as one of the most wind and sun sure locations for kite surfing because of the 'cape doctor', a thermal wind that keeps the city cool and lures kiting doctors to the water. You will regularly kite with the cape seals next to you in the waves, and with luck even with a stray penguin or a group of dolphins. And always with an unrestricted view of one of the seven wonders of the world, the iconic Table Mountain.


    The definite and detailed conference programme will be downloadable here later.



    Participants will be personally invited to this conference. A participant in this continued education course, will commit to the objectives of the congress and will engage pro-actively. This participation could have the form of a substantive contribution that is relevant to the group and/or the local doctors. In this process you will be guided by psychiatrist Niels Tinga, who is chairman of our Scientific Committee.



    If you are interested in participating in our conference, you can indicate this via the registration form below.



    With this continued education course you will earn between 18 and 21 CME-points.


    Power of the Ocean:

    With this conference we want to 'give something back' to the local community. For example, we plan to organize a day with local doctors during the conference week, where they can participate free of charge. We also have contact with the West Coast Coolers. This organization aims to inspire, empower and transform young lives through the ocean. West Coast Coolers' mission is to provide children from the local community with access to surf equipment, wetsuits and enjoy a great surf experience every week. In addition, West Coast Coolers provides nutritious snacks after each session and lets the children come into contact with role models from surfing. The impact of the ocean on the physical and mental well-being of these children is enormous and has led to improved self-esteem, increased self-confidence and a much deeper connection and trust in the ocean. Kite Doctors would like to contribute to this cause .


    All-in conference:

    This continued education course is designed in such a way that the participants do not have to think about anything. Let yourself be pampered with delicious dinners and good wines, meet the world's best kiters, enjoy spectacular tours, visit the best kite spots and 'mingle' in the coolest clubs.


    Included is:

    • Conference (18 - 21 CME points)
    • Accommodation (8 nights )
    • Breakfast, lunch, diners
    • BBQ
    • Wine experience
    • Kite trips and down-winders
    • Party night
    • Transfers
    • Special day - local psychians
    • Participation water lycra
    • Guidance and fun guarentee

    Optional is:

    • Rental of kitesurf gear
    • Kitesurf or other watersport lessons
    • Individual trick clinic

    Excluded is:

    • Flight to Cape Town
    • Extra drinks (outside of dinner/lunch)
    • Personal expenses
    • Any insurance (cancelation, travel, etc.)
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    November 22nd - November 30th, 2024

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